A group of friends gather in a Skype group session and are stalked by a mysterious, uninvited entity.

Certain urban legends were first drawn up to frighten young girls into being “good” and moral until their wedding nights.. these stories usually involve a babysitter, a stranger in the house, a child being victimized, all because the babysitter did not heed the warning to keep their boyfriends away, and keep their legs shut. The classic tales became movies, such as Friday the 13th, where horny camp counselors fail to prevent the death of young Jason Vorheese, and must pay for their crime.

This is such a tale. A tale of Cyber-Bullying.

A video is posted on Youtube. A school girl is drunk out of her mind, unconscious and has soiled herself. The video goes viral and she is relentlessly tormented online, to the point that she kills herself. On the 1 year anniversary, this group of friends are Skyping (yes, that’s a new verb), when apparently, the ghost of this dead girl joins in, and begins to torment them.. and soon, to kill them one by one.

Now.. I had no issue with the story. I had no issue with the acting. What I took issue with.. was the 83 minute Skype session.. There isn’t a moment that is not seen through a computer screen, webcam, or other such medium. Complete with crappy, degraded, sound and streaming video buffering.

Yes.. this is what the situation would actually look like. There was realism here, in the way it was portrayed. But the question is.. Does it make a good movie. And for me, the answer is NO.

Once I realized that this was going to be done, entirely over Skype.. I almost walked out, and asked for a refund. My only saving grace was the fact that I didn’t pay to see this.. I had a gift card left over from my Birthday. So, no money lost there. But, the popcorn was too salty.

Admittedly, I have some bad movies in my collection. I probably wont be adding this one.

Author: Jethal