The Box Trolls


When a young boy goes missing, and his father goes mad, when the night grows dark and there’s cheese to be had.. who is to blame? The Boxtrolls!!

This is a delightful (yes, i used that word) family animated video, sure to please everyone at home. I know that sounded awfully commercial of me.. but there’s no other way to put it.. it’s a really good family movie!

It’s a world where the Troll live in boxes, and are named by whatever was IN the box to begin with. “Eggs” is a young human boy, thought to be kidnapped all these years. “Fish” is his friend, mentor and.. well.. I suppose a father figure. Having rescued the boy from the evil henchmen of the Red Hat Snatcher, Fish and his fellow Box Trolls want nothing more than to live at peace, adding junk to their underground world.

The Red hats have another plan.. a plan to catapult themselves to the top of society, and grasp the golden ring.. er.. white hat. They’ll do anything to get there.. kidnap, and even kill.. (unsuccessfully).

Can Fish, Eggs and their new friend “Winnie” save the day and clear the name of Box Troll?? Watch and find out!

BTW.. this was hand animated via stop-motion.. and this is a 96 minute feature. This movie took a loooong time to make.

Author: Jethal