Knights of Badassdom

Live-action role players conjure up a demon from Hell by mistake and they must deal with the consequences.

What do you get when you bring everyone’s favorite dumb deputy (Ryan Kwanten: Jason Stackhouse/Trueblood) and everyone’s favorite Drunken Dwarf (Peter Dinklage: Tyrion Lanister/Game of Thrones) together in a big event? Well, in this case, you get a real demon accidentally summoned from a role player’s spell book.. and the only ones who can stop the carnage, are the Knights of Badassdom!

This movie was very fun to watch, and I imagine, very fun to be in. Filmed in Spokane Washington, this low budget feature is just filled with scenes that any role player would love, and find hilarious. I highly recommend this one to all my gamer friends.

Here are some memorable quotes:

  • Eric: And Guinevere the fearless, who’s plus-three ass of perfection should keep the memory of she who should not be mentioned at bay. Gwen: Plus-three? Clearly you underestimate my endowments.
  • Hung: ‘Tis not the size of the young knave’s blade, but the lust in his thrust by which legends are made!
  • Hung: ‘Tis a cruel act of the gods to waste such a sweet backside on such a filthy beast.
Author: Jethal