Cast a Deadly Spell


Based in an alternate 1940’s, Harry Lovecraft is a private investigator looking for a book. Usually that would be an easy job.. unless the book is the Necronomicon..

Harry’s world is just like ours, except it’s filled with Magic. “Sure, in World War 1, all our boys came back with was the clap.. this time? Gremlins..”. Magic. Everyone uses it for one thing or another.. everyone except good old Harry. His reasons are personal. Ignoring the advice of  his land-lady (and psychic), Harry doesn’t move to Miami, and sticks around to complete his job, dodging Voodoo Zombie henchmen, Gargoyles and the Elder Gods, themselves.

Yes, this is a H.P. Lovecraft story – a comedy, wreaking of the 1980’s, but Lovecraftian in nature.

Now, unfortunately, this movie was made for HBO and was never released on DVD. Fortunately, you can watch it on YouTube!

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Author: Jethal