The Divide


This is it… nukes are falling on New York City. A small group takes shelter in the basement of their apartment building. Dwindling supplies and madness slowly plays its part. It’s a hard truth. “The lucky ones died in the blast”. You can view the opening scene By Clicking Here

This is a very harsh movie, showing the worst of people in desperate times. Trapped in a basement with no where to go, the strong and more dangerous take over and sink into depravity, believing that there will be no consequence for their actions, as all authority is now gone.

This is not a movie for children.. at all. Hell, this is not a movie for most adults. Brutal assaults, psychological torments.. and yes, rape.. you have been warned. This is not fun, no whimsy, I don’t even remember a single reassuring smile in the entire feature.

Thought the subject matter may be hard to deal with.. and damned near impossible to watch at times.. this movie was well done. The bleak future ahead for those who survived and the raw emotion that it brought to me, cannot be ignored. A bad movie could not have invoked such hatred for the antagonist, and it made me angry that he didn’t meet a more fitting end.

Author: Jethal