Some guy who kills people


All Ken Boyd wants to do is get on with this life.

Recently released from the loony bin (that’s a “Psychiatric Care Facility” to you Politically Correct People), Ken eeks out a living at the local Ice Cream shop where, by random happenstance, the bumps into a young girl who turns out to be his daughter. Don’t worry, that’s not really a spoiler in this plot.

One by one, the men who drove Ken loony, end up murdered – Now, what are you to do when the Sheriff in town is dating the mother of the guy who is really looking like the prime suspect? Not to worry, the Sheriff is Barry Bostwick! (Brad Majors / Rocky Horror Picture Show).

  • Mayor: “What’s happening to my city, Sheriff?”
  • Sheriff Fuller “We’re doing the best we can, sir..”
  • Mayor “Clearly it’s not enough!”
  • Sheriff Fuller “With all due respect, you can’t tie our legs behind our backs and ask us to sprint, so please.. Call in reinforcements, take my badge, or shut the fuck up?”

This movie plays off well as a Comedy Horror. Leaning more to the Comedy side… Acted well by everyone in the cast and with a plot twist you may not see coming.

Author: Jethal