The Avengers: Age of Ultron


The Avengers are back!

I will state first, and foremost, that I have no real knowledge of the established lore of the comic series. So, for the most part, I can only speak on my experience at the movies.

This film is very entertaining. Action packed with lots of collateral damage. It makes me wonder if the Avengers can actually save the world without destroying it in the process.

The scene that will have everyone talking, of course, is Hulk vs the Hulk-buster Ironman Suit. This was something like 15 minutes of punchy-punchy, smashy-smashy fun. Complete with spare-parts, for when the Hulk ultimately rips the suit apart.

The love story between Banner and the Black Widow.. is.. sorry, but I’m finding this very ill-advised. As much as the public would love a good “Hulk just needs love” story.. This can only end in tragedy. Not to mention, loads of new material for the Rule34 crowd. (shutter)

All and all, this is a good movie, and I recommend it for all my friends.

BTW – stay until the cast credits are over for a very short clip.

Author: Jethal