Star Wars: A New Hope


Young Luke Skywalker has a dream. That dream is to get the hell off of his home planet of Tatooine. When local crazy old man, Obi Wan Kenobi shows up – just in time to save his life – he leads Luke on the adventure of a lifetime with Space travel, Droids, Intergalactic Mysticism, Evil, just a brush with old fashioned incest.. and a scruffy looking nerf-herder.

Of course, Star Wars (4: A New Hope) is the Sci-Fi movie that all space adventure films are measured against.
When George Lucas changed the way we look at the genre.

Though corrupted by “Special Editions”, the original movie – even with its special fx flaws (like the “force field blur” under the speeder) – remains a global phenomenon and still holds up to modern times. I could pop this movie up on the screen during any gathering of friends and it’ll stop people in their tracks to watch.


Author: Jethal