Return of the Living Dead


I’ve seen more than my share of Horror movies in my life.. take it from me.. Return of the Living Dead is worth watching. As far a B movies go, this is one of the best. Scary, Funny and just a little sexy.

Return of the Living Dead also sets the rules for all “living dead” movies to come. The dead don’t eat people.. they want brains. This was the first “Brains” zombie movie. Be forewarned, though not too scary for kids – there is nudity and adult language. Linnea Quigley‘s graveyard striptease is legendary.

Freddy and Burt are workers at a medical supply warehouse. When Burt shows off tanks which are supposed containing the bodies from the true events that inspired “Night of the Living Dead”, he accidentally cracks one open, releasing a gas that infects the two and, unfortunately, seeds the clouds. A bath of zombie-inducing rain showers down over the Resurrection Cemetery, bringing the resting corpses back to life to wreak havoc on the surrounding neighborhood.


  • The glass breaking on top of the chemical drum during the “melting tarman” scene at the beginning of the credits wasn’t planned at all. It just happened to shatter due to the heat of the effects at the perfect time.
  • The part of Burt was originally offered to Leslie Nielsen
  • Linnea Quigley originally danced to the song “Nasty Girl” by Vanity during the filming of her famous cemetery striptease. “Nasty Girl” was later replaced by the song “Tonight We’ll Make Love Until We Die” by Stacey Swain.
  • The film’s German title is “Verdammt, die Zombies kommen”, which is roughly “Damnit, the Zombies Are Coming” and the Danish title is “Ligene er ligeglade” which is roughly “The Dead Don’t Care” – playing up the comical aspect of the film.
Author: Jethal