The Exorcist


Voted time and time again by sources all over the world as one of the best and scariest horror movies of all time. William Blatty’s “The Exorcist”.

This film should be required viewing for all directors and writers trying to get into the movie business. It is a masterpiece, pure and simple. And most likely, the only 5 Star review that will be listed on this site. Every actor, every set design, every effect (these are practical effects too), is just perfect. The only thing I did not like about this movie was the cheap use of “Subliminal” images that pop up occasionally in dark areas of the scenes. These were originally left out, but put back in for the 2000 release.

Let’s talk a little about our star, Linda Blair. How in the world, such acting not win her an academy award is beyond me. Let’s not forget, she was really 12 years old when filming his movie. She spoke every vulgar line (they were overdubbed by Mercedes McCambridge in post-production).. but she actually stunned, veteran actor, Max von Sydow into forgetting his lines, for gods sake. Unfortunately for her, she fell victim to 80’s hollywood, and although she acted regularly… The Exorcist is her crowning glory, never to be topped.

The Makeup and Effects.. for 1973?? Oh My God.. even by today’s standards, superb! Regan MacNeil became the most frightening image in 70’s horror, and perhaps of all time.

Of course, the set was not easy to work with.. remember this is way before CGI “cold breath” effects, like we saw in Titanic. Regan’s room was basically a walk-in freezer, and poor Linda was in little more than a night gown. During the scene, where Regan swats her mother away, Ellen Burstyn broke her tailbone, that cry of pain was real.

Oh wait.. I didn’t leave a summary of the movie!

…watch it.

Author: Jethal