Return of the Living Dead 2


On the tails of, relative, success with Return of the Living Dead, someone had the thought.. Hey, let’s make (almost) the same movie, but geared to kids!

That’s pretty much what this movie is. The same primary lead actors, a very similar story line, and completely dumbed down so that a 10 year old would like it. I’m honestly not sure why it got a “R” rating.. perhaps for the nature of zombie films? Todays standards would make it a PG13 for sure.

Frank and Freddy.. err that is.. Ed and Joey are grave robbers on their way to make a fast buck. Unknown to them, the army has just rolled through town (presumably on their way back from cleaning up the mess in the previous movie) when a zombie tank falls out of the back of a truck, and rolls into a storm drain. Three local kids stumble across the tank, two bullies and their victim.. the bullies return later on, and stupidly open the tank. What follows is an almost exact copy of the “dead rising” sequence from RotLD, except with more sophomoric comedic value.. the dead slowly rise from their graves and.. fall on their asses.. they their hands stepped on.. oh it’s brilliant.. to an 8 year old..

Ed and Joey (Frank and Freddy from the previous movie) are infected (again) and we go through the “No, breathing, no pulse, room temperature, hey.. you’re dead” thing, of course this time the doctor is a total nut job – We even have the same “He’s my boyfriend and i’m not leaving him” moment with Joey’s ditsy girlfriend. The story is so similar, that Joey actually says “It’s.. It’s like we’ve done this before!”.

The zombies are lead to an electrical power station, by leaving a trail of calf brains.. they’re gathered up and electrocuted, in a long segment showcasing a bunch of extras shaking with arcs of electricity shooting up their bodies.. through their heads.. and while breakdancing.. YES Break Dancing Zombie Michael Jackson makes an appearance!

There are several Return of the Living Dead movies.. and this is the worst of them.

Author: Jethal