Return of the Living Dead 3


If Return of the Living Dead is for the 80’s crowd, Return of the Living Dead 2 is for kids.. then Return of the Living Dead 3 is for the freaks..

It’s after the events of Part 2, and the government has contained the zombie bio hazard. Col John Reynolds is in charge of the new research base. Their goal? Weaponize the Zombies. Sounds simple enough, but the real trick is to get them under control once their job is done. His plan is to shoot liquid nitrogen projectiles into the brains of the zombies, incapacitating them. Without some sort of brain function, the body cant function. Col Sinclair is a rival to Col Reynolds’ plan. She sees an exoskeleton (that can be locked), as the solution.

Oh, there’s no remote control for the locking mechanism.. so her plan is to walk behind the zombie and lock him down. Genius!

Col Sinclair’s son, Curt, and his girlfriend Julie are rebellious teens looking to break out on their own. It’s a typical young lover’s story.. ya know.. abandon all reason because you’re “in love”. Yeah.. Julie gets Curt to break into his father’s base so she can watch the secret experiments in action.. and this (for some reason) makes her horny? Right.. so, Curt and Julie make their break into the world, speeding along on a motorcycle.. and Julie starts groping him. Anyone who’s been manhandled on a motorcycle can see where this is going..

Curt loses control of the bike, hits a roadside guardrail and catapults Julie into a telephone pole.. snapping her neck.

What’s a teenage boy to do when he loses the girl he loves? that’s right, let’s bring her back to life in dad’s lab!

This entry into the Return of the Living Dead franchise is better than Part 2, and had potential.. except the effects where horrible. Not the zombies really.. they had some decent physical make up jobs. But the cinematography, lighting, all seemed so bad. And let’s not forget – when you dont have access to CGI, or can even spring for Greenscreening.. let’s not have someone lose an arm, then continue to appear in the movie.. mostly naked, with his “missing” arm just tied behind his back. Visibly! We can see it!

Julie figures out that Pain helps fend off the hunger for Brains.. so she.. umm.. yeah, just look at this..

Definately a low point in Director, Brian Yuzna’s career of making B movies.


Author: Jethal