28 Days Later


We begin our story in a London hospital. A man wakes from a coma only to find that the world has gone to hell in a handbasket. Now it’s all about survival, as he and his small group try to stay alive.  Wait.. does that sound familiar? Yes, that is exactly how The Walking Dead starts. Robert Kirkman, co-writer of The Walking Dead, says it was a really bizarre coincidence.

“So we were working on our second issue (of The Walking Dead) by the time I saw it (28 Days). It was going to be a matter of somehow trying to restage the entire first issue, because it was a very similar coma opening. I made a decision—which I pretty much regret at this point” ~Robert Kirkman

OK, now that’s out of the way..

Jim has woken to find that a plaque of “Rage” has wiped out most of England.. and later finds out.. the world. Only a handful of normal people left. Even the sanctuary of the church can not save him.. as he gets confronted by a Rage-Infected priest. Scrolled on the walls is an inscription that says it all. “The End is Extremely Fucking Nigh”

The End is Very Fucking Nigh
The End is Very Fucking Nigh

This is a very bleak story, with not a lot of hope, except for a quick death.. because the alternative is too horrible for words.

Very good modern zombie movie.. I recommend it to all my friends.

Author: Jethal