28 Weeks Later


The outbreak of the “Rage” virus has been contained. And 28 Weeks after the events of 28 Days Later, London is ready to start repopulating. Don is the manager of one of the re-population centers in London’s new “Green Zone: district 1”. His children have just arrived. Everyone lives in a state of Martial Law as the surround districts are slowly cleared out, cleaned and made safe for citizens to re-inhabit the city. Follow instruction. Don’t leave the Green Zone.

Don’s kids are fucking idiots.

Ignoring the warnings to not enter the non-secured areas, Tammy and Andy sneak across the bridge in search of adventure, and back home, in a fool’s hope that their mother is alive. Well, what the hell do you know.. SHE IS! Don’s wife is taken by NATO forces, back to military laboratories to find out how she’s not infected. She seems immune, but that’s only half of it. She’s a carrier. Which means, although she can not actually become a Rage Zombie.. she can infect others.

Thanks to the actions of these two brilliant kids. There is hope that a cure may be found within their mother’s genetics. But, that’s not to be.. because she infects Don.. and welcomes in the 2nd wave of Rage. Way to go, kids..

The only thing I disliked about this movie.. was the kids. Oh My God, Idiots!! If there were any two characters that deserved to die, in this film, it was them. But, there always has to be someone who’s not going to follow the rules and blow it for the rest of us, right? Without that plot point, there’d be no movie.

Here’s a couple of treats for you!

Author: Jethal