Faster than a commuter train. More powerful than rush hour traffic in LA. Able to leap jail security fences in a single bound.. and he’s also an asshole.

Hancock (Will Smith) is not from around here and he’s saving the day, the only way he knows how. Most of the time that means causing more devastation than he’s preventing, and the people aren’t liking it one bit. Calling for the arrest of a drunk with super powers is a tall order, but Public Relations Guru “Ray” (Jason Bateman) thinks that’s just what Hancock needs. Show remorse and become the hero the city deserves. Things take a bad turn as the all powerful Hancock begins to fall for Ray’s wife, Mary (Charlize Theron) and a storm brews on the horizon as they fight temptation.. 

I liked this movie. Will Smith did a bang up job playing the alcoholic, belligerent, asshole that is Hancock. The back story is alittle strange, but good. Definately a different take on a super hero movie.

Author: Jethal