The Addams Family


When Tully Alford gets on the wrong side of a loan shark, in for more than he could ever repay, the comes up with a scheme to swindle his employers out of their vast wealth and save his own skin. Unfortunately for Tully.. he is employed by Gomez Addams.

The family portrayed in this film are darker than in the old TV Sit-Com, as they should be. The original cartoon by Charles Addams was not honestly meant for children. Though absurdly comical in their antics and outlook on life, the Addams Family are Fiends. Though not cruel or malicious, the entirety of the family has a dark and mysterious presence. More than comfortable with death and the mortality of those around them, they themselves seem almost impervious to harm and almost seem to welcome the misfortune of those around them with open arms and a joyful, hearty laugh. Fiercely loyal to their friends and woe to those who get on their bad side. As Morticia states the family credo..

We gladly feast on those who would subdue us

I could not be happier with this movie, especially the casting choices. Raul Julia and Angelica Huston did such a wonderful and passionate performance as Gomez and Morticia.. Although the character portrayals of Pugsley and Wednesday seem to have been reversed, compared to the original characters (Wednesday was originally portrayed as sweet and innocent, and Pugsley was the wicked little beast, in the comic), Christina Ricci and Jimmy Workman were fantastic.

Author: Jethal