Addams Family Values


It is 9 months after the events of The Addams Family, and a new arrival comes to the Addams home. Gomez and Morticia welcome their new bundle of joy.. he’s cute, he’s cuddly, he has his grandfathers eyes.. he has a mustache, and his name is Pubert. An Addams through and through. But, taking care of three children is enough to drive any loving mother to.. want to seek out the dark forces and join their hellish crusade.

Debbie Jelinsky is a nanny of many talents.. she reads stories, she changes diapers.. she seduces rich bachelors and kills them shortly after the wedding.. ya know, normal nanny stuff. Uncle Fester is in love with.. well, let’s face it.. Debbie’s boobs. Can he survive this black widow’s advances and save himself, the family fortune and the meatloaf?

Notably not as good as the 1st movie, I still found Addams Family Values entertaining – this time around they concentrated more on the comedy, making this a lighter story to appeal to a younger crowd. And to parents who may have felt the first time around may have been a little too dark for their kids.

Author: Jethal