Devil’s Carnival


Three sinners, three tales of woe.

  1. John is an obsessed father – after this son dies, he allows his grief to take him. Now at the ticket booth of Hell, he is tormented by visions of his son at play, running around the labyrinth of tents, but each time he approaches, the boy vanishes. His sin.. Suicide.
  2. Merrywood loves too deeply, too fast.. the objects of her desire just out of her reach.. she she takes what she can get. After being gunned down by the police, she finds herself trapped in the midway, gambling desperately for her love.. her love of riches. Her sin.. Greed.
  3. Tamara keeps falling for the wrong guy. There seems to be a reoccuring theme in youth.. the sweet, innocent girl.. the bad boy. Continuously finding herself in abusive relationships, this will be her last, as she falls prey to a hot lead bullet of a jealous beau. Her sin.. is actually kind of confusing in this story.. and honestly, no one has been able to define it.

I went all in on this project (perhaps not as “in” as some). Community support, contests, promotion over my podcast.. the night came. The Devil’s Carnival came to Seattle. We met with Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich, had a nice conversation with both.. got autographs, watched the (local) premiere of the movie and had a great time. It reminded me of my old days in the Rocky Horror Show, it was that kind of crowd. Hell.. I ended up actually being in the Blue Ray extras! (for just a moment)

Now, about the movie itself.

I’m going to be honest about my views. Some facebook friends are not going to like what I have to say.

This was not a great movie. It was a fun experience, it had good moments. The music is awesome.. and that’s where it stands. The stories are alittle confusing and dont really mesh together as a feature. It seems that this is less of a cohesive movie.. and more of a series of Music Videos for the soundtrack, tied in with a common theme. It’s not bad. I can honestly say that I don’t hate it. I think that it could have been better.

(Update 7/24/15) I recently saw “Something Wicked This Way Comes” and found some similarities that lead me to believe that The Devil’s Carnival was inspired by the 1983 classic.

The Devil’s Carnival part 2 is in production.. and yes, I will give it the attention that I gave this movie. I’m excited for it.

My personal photos from my experience:

Screenshots from the Movie:

My submission for the “Trust Me” karaoke contest. I didn’t win, but I got on the BluRay compilation.


Author: Jethal