Under the Bed


Neil has spent the last two years away, after setting fire to his house and accidentally killing his mother. They didn’t understand – it wasnt his mother he wanted to kill, it was the monster living under his bed. Of course, everyone thought he was crazy, a monster under the bed is the stuff of childhood fear and over-active imaginations.. right? What if it’s not? What if.. just what if he was telling the truth? And in his absence, little brother Paulie is involved..

Every kid has a “Monster”. Either under the bed or in a closet.. perhaps in that hollowed out tree in the back yard.. you know the one, the old oak with the gnarled branches that weeps softly at night, calling your name.. calling.. always calling.. OH, sorry about that.

I liked this one. It plays into childhood fears.. it’s dark.. they didn’t dumb this down or play down the violence. The last 40 minutes of this story are pretty intense. The ending could have been a bit better, but other than that, I give it some good marks.

Author: Jethal