You’ve been diagnosed with incurable cancer. Your days are numbered, and you know it. All around, you see them. People wasting their lives. Drugs, Alcohol.. showing no appreciation for the life they have. No spirit, no passion, no willingness to live. Now, it’s time to change how people see their lives. Choice, give them the choice.

Live or Die. The Choice is yours…

There is a man out there, responsible for death. The police have named him “Jigsaw”, for the puzzle-piece cut out of their flesh. But he’s not a murderer.. he’s never killed anyone. Put into puzzles that they must solve, these people with no regard for life, must find the way to escape. There is always a way out. Jigsaw wants you to live.. but you must sacrifice to earn it.

This movie is more complex than it first appears. As the story unfolds, you’re not sure who Jigsaw is, or just how many people he’s testing. This is a modern masterpiece of Horror. Dirty, gritty, and honestly, frightening. Hats off to James Wan for this great film.

Author: Jethal