Hellraiser 4 – Bloodline


It is the 22nd century and Dr Paul Merchant seeks to end the curse placed on his family after his ancestor, Phillip L’Merchant, created a puzzle which unlocked the gates to Hell.

I liked this movie a lot. Here we travel back and forth through the L’merchant bloodline, seeing how the Lament Configuration (puzzlebox) was created, the history of the family and the reoccurance of the cenobites as they attempt to thwart plans to destroy the box.

There is only one cenobite I take issue with, and that is the Twins. They kill you by standing on either size of their victim and slowly crush, and absorb you into themselves.. so.. you have to stand still for them to kill you.. this is rather dumb. Other than that, I really had no issue and enjoyed the history lesson.

Author: Jethal