Hellraiser 3 – Hell on Earth


After the takeover and ruin of Hell (portrayed in Hellbound) a mysterious sculpture is acquired by a small art gallery, depicting the torments of hell. The central focus on the pillar is the image of Pinhead. Purchased by a rich club owner, the pillar speaks to him.. offering experience and power in return for blood. Pinhead is freed from the pillar, but this is not the creature we knew.. no, now freed from Capt Spencer, the purity of his evil now seeks to destroy all who stand in his way.

In this addition to the Hellraiser franchise, we lose that distinguishing feel that we had with Hellraiser and Hellbound, into a more modern worldly tone of the 90’s, and honestly, not for the better. Pinhead raises a new Legion of Cenobites and really.. they’re a little ridiculous. A girl who chain smokes has a cigarette stuck in her open throat.. a DJ has CD’s stuck in his head and can use them like throwing stars.. a bartender as a shaker and breathes fire.. and worst of all, a cameraman has a camera in his head.. There’s no imagination involved here. Worst of all, they start using one-liners: Camerahead: “It’s time for your close-up”. Really??

So, I can’t, in good conscience, give this one a better score.

Author: Jethal