Hellraiser 2 – Hellbound


After the events of Hellraiser, Kirsty finds herself in an Asylum run by the egotistical Dr Channard. The good doctor is refined and proud of his worldly collection of.. keepsakes from hell. Including no less than 3 puzzle boxes. Acquiring the mattress that Julia died on, he finally has the means to see what his treasures will do.. and with the help of one of his more, self-destructive, patients, Julia is brought back from the dead.

Though this movie has a very similar feel and tone as its predecessor, Hellbound repeats many of the scenes, and has many flashbacks, making approximately 30 minutes of this film rather redundant to those who saw Hellraiser. I feel they could have put that time to better use.

Dr Channard is tricked by Julia and becomes a Cenobite – perhaps she thought that with the man, who is devoted to her, in a seat of power, she herself would be in a better position in Hell. Channard stages a coupe, and kills off the other Cenobites.. and in their deaths, they revert to their human forms. The most shocking revelation in this, is that “Chatterbox” is actually a child.

With Pinhead being killed off, the Cenobites are now without a leader. Or are they? This movie shows that the Cenobites have not always been as portrayed, and something had to have come before.. perhaps a more primal presence in the labyrinths of Hell.

Author: Jethal