A newcomer to a fancy ballet academy gradually comes to realize that the school is a front for something far more sinister and supernatural amidst a series of grisly murders. (source: IMDB)

This movie is hard to watch. And not for the grizzly scenes of murder. No, the most horrific aspect of this movie is the soundtrack. The primary theme music is a repeating onslaught that makes me wish I could charge Dario Argento with assault. Turn it down and watch the close captioning if you have it available.

I would give this movie a better score, because it is scary with an interesting story.. but the soundtrack makes it almost unwatchable. Oddly enough, Argento meant for the music to leave you uneasy.. or in a state of.. UNREST? OK, that’s enough of that.

The movie has a very unique look and quirkiness about it.. most of the actors did not speak english, and their lines where dubbed in during post production. The color scheme is vivid and a bit off-putting, this was done on purpose.

Also, the original script called for all of the students to be 12 years old, or younger, but the studio believed the script was so violent, and involving children, would have the film banned. But, this did not change the script. The age limit was raised to 20 and under, but the dialog stated the same, including very childish behavior. And all the doorknobs where raised, so the girls would have to reach for them.


Author: Jethal