There are those in the world who seek adventure, action, wealth and power.. others seek pleasure, pain and experience.. Frank has seen and done it all, so he thinks. Complete disdain for what life has to offer, he sets his sights on a strange puzzle box, said to contain the key to unlocking the further regions of experience. What he finds are the unworldly torments of the Cenobites. Demons from hell, come to tear his soul apart.

Larry and Julia are living the dream.. well, not Larry’s dream. When life brings them back to live in his family home, they find that it’s one of Frank’s hideouts. Though long gone, Frank has certainly left a lasting impression that only a swarm of cockroaches could appreciate. But with some paint and a few throw pillows, why not?

Larry injures his hand, and partially regenerated by a splash of blood, Frank begins to take form.. and with the help of Julia, he’ll be his old self again. That is, unless Kirsty has anything to do with it.

I have seen the future of Horror. His name is Clive Barker. ~Stephen King

Hellraiser is a horror movie for horror movie fans. Dark, Gritty and Calculating, with grotesque imagery and good story telling. Clive Barker knows his stuff, and these original characters are brought to life by great acting. Doug Bradley is iconic in his role as “Pinhead” – a character nickname that he hates, but it stuck.

The movie is not without it’s flaws, mostly due to budget and time restraints. But these little bumps can be forgiven in the overall final product. This is a must see.

Author: Jethal