Dominated by her religious mother and relentlessly bullied by the girls at school, all Carrie White wants is to fit in, to be normal.. before it’s too late.

Carrie is one of those classic horror movies that must be experienced by anyone who claims to love horror. Because this is not only a horror move in genre.. the torment and bullying that our protagonist endures is horror in itself, and a reflection of the real life horrors that many deal with on a regular basis, myself included. As a bullied kid, I related to his film on many levels. There is a breaking point, and in his movie.. her classmates find out that once a line is crossed, sometimes there’s no turning back.

Of course, in light of the modern tragedies of school shootings, this story seems even more of a warning against bullying.

Comparing with the recent remake. There are no real comparisons. The classic stands tall and holds up in almost every level.

  • Casting is spot on
  • The acting is just great
  • Practical effects win out over CGI

Let’s address a couple of issues that people have brought up..

  • Why was the lot, where Carrie’s house stood, now covered in stones?
    • In the novel, Stephen King explained that Carrie once caused a storm of rocks. In fact, during the destruction of the house, you can see rocks falling from the ceiling. This was how the movie was originally going to end.. but the explanation of the rocks was cut from an earlier scene.. so it didn’t make sense.
  • Why does the statue of Jesus look so weird, in Carrie’s closet?
    • It’s not Jesus. It’s a statue of St. Sebastian who was martyred when he was killed with a barrage of arrows. Why does it look weird? Because Carrie’s mother made it.. and she’s crazy.
Author: Jethal