When podcaster Wallace Bryton goes missing in the backwoods of Manitoba while interviewing a mysterious seafarer named Howard Howe, his best friend Teddy and girlfriend Allison team with an ex-cop to look for him. (source: IMDB)

Tusk had all the makings of a decent horror movie, in fact, I had really high hopes going into it.. the first half of the movie was promising. It had good acting, suspense, a good – if not weird – story going for it. Then, the second half of the movie came. Look, I knew before I bought this one that the premise was.. a guy gets surgically altered into a Walrus. But, no matter how good the acting or story writing, or even how much you like Kevin Smith’s work. You can’t get past how awful that costume was, or how the story took a wrong turn into “I want to have sex with a walrus” country..

If the movie had that comedic feel to it during the entirety of the plot – I’d actually feel better about it.. it’s a farce, a parody, I get it.  But, the movie was so serious leading up to this weird, silly ending, that I was almost insulted by the twist.. you built up suspense.. for THIS??

So, in short.. it’s not a cinematic masterpeice, but if you’re a fan of Kevin Smith.. go for it. It wasn’t horrible. or.. was, depending on how you look at it.


Author: Jethal