Hellraiser Revelation


In this ninth installment of the Hellraiser franchise total abortion of a film and insult to the franchise,  two friends discover a puzzle box in Mexico, which opens a gateway to Hell. Before long, dermatological nightmare Pinhead has returned to make the lives of everyone in his way who watches this crap, miserable.

Doug Bradley refused to take o the role of Pinhead. Clive Barker has renounced this film as “No Child of Mine”. I think the world would be better off if we gathered up all the copies and burned them at the stake, leaving one half-burned copy as a warning to those that dare follow.

“Hello, my friends. I want to put on record that the flic out there using the word Hellraiser IS NO FUCKIN’ CHILD OF MINE!” “I have NOTHING to do with the fuckin’ thing. If they claim its from the mind of Clive Barker,it’s a lie. It’s not even from my butt-hole.” ~ Clive Barker on “Revelation”

  • Ad copy for the DVD and Blu-ray releases hailed the film as coming “from the mind of Clive Barker.” Barker, who has had little to no involvement with the franchise following Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988), posted a profanity-laden message to his Twitter feed in response, calling the film “no child of mine.”
  • Rushed into production after Dimension films realized that a contractual stipulation meant they stood to lose the rights to the Hellraiser franchise if they did not produce a sequel to 2005’s Hellraiser: Hellworld. Consequently, the entire production time was roughly three weeks, including an eleven-day shooting schedule.
Author: Jethal