The Toxic Avenger


Melvin Junko was a normal, everyday joe.. well, OK he was a weak little dweeb. Working at the Tromaville Health Club, as the janitor’s mop boy, Melvin made an impact on everyone he meets.. mostly pissing them off with his bumbling ineptitude.

Bozo, Julie, Slug and Wanda are your average young people trying to keep fit.. when they’re not out running over little boys and old ladies in their car…

When a practical joke goes horribly wrong, Melvin dives head first into a tank filled with Toxic Chemical Waste, burning away his flesh and transforming him into.. The Toxic Avenger!! Armed with his trusty mop, and super natural strength, he is drawn to destroy evil. Not only stop evil doing.. but completely obliterate the evil doers, leaving his trademark mope shoved down his victims throats. And things are gonna change in this town.. because Toxie is not just another pretty face..

This is a surprising cult favorite. Great special effects, pretty decent acting.. it’s simply a movie that is better than it should be and has been dubbed the King of the B Movies. This is definitely a must see for anyone who enjoys horror.

Several sequels follow, but nothing as good as the original.

Author: Jethal