Day After Tomorrow


Global climate change is upon us. That’s scientific fact. I won’t get in the middle of the debate over if it is, or how much of it is, man-caused. The Day After Tomorrow is, without question, the most money thrown at the Climate Change awareness cause. The title even plays into the idea that “it’s happening.. but not fast enough to effect ME” so when will it happen? The Day After Tomorrow.. which is a phrase suggesting that it’ll never come. There. That’s the Title Explained in a nutshell.

As far as disaster movies goes, it’s not bad; If you turn your brain off.. just like in the blockbuster, 2012, These are things that have some (very) loose basis in the concept of reality.. but happen too fast to be believable. Global events that would take thousands of years, happen overnight with sloppy movie-science to explain them. So, it’s a good disaster movie. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Acting is good, working against what I would call a mediocre script. Special effects are very good for the time (this was 11 years before “San Andreas” was produced.) So yeah, just alot of unbelievable moments, such as..

  • Three enormous hurricane-like storms, bringing in air from the upper atmosphere to freeze the planet
  • A giant cargo ship just happens to make its way down the middle of 5th Avenue
    • 5th Avenue does not have a direct line to the ocean without obstacles, in the direction the ship came from. I looked it up on Google Maps.
    • However, the Tsunami IS coming from the correct direction, up East 41st Street, to the Library.
  • Speaking of the ship.. does Sam (Jake Gyllenhaal) speak Russian?
    • They need antibiotics to treat an infection from a cut that Laura (Emmy Rossum) gets.. so they board the (russian) ship, find the medicine cabinet and grabs a bottle of.. the correct medicine? Could have been peppermint extract for all he knew. Pharmaceuticals are not all labeled in English, globally.
    • And Wait.. how the hell did those Wolves get on the ship??
  • Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid) treks hundreds of miles, killing one of his associates, just in time for the rescue crews to get there.. he should have stayed the hell where he was.
Author: Jethal