Would you Rather


Desperate to help her ailing brother, a young woman unknowingly agrees to compete in a deadly game of “Would You Rather,” hosted by a sadistic aristocrat. (source: IMDB)

The classic game of Truth or Dare has evolved in the last decade to more of a “Dare/Dare” type of crime called Would You Rather?. Now, of course, most of the time this is harmless, with people just coming up with weird, sick or gross scenarios and the choice is made verbally. Not so much here. The game is real, and the consequences are grave. In this little game of 10 little indians, you make your choice until you are no longer able to. Or you refuse. Of course, if you refuse, you are eliminated from the game. And Killed.

This movie is surprisingly tame for the subject matter. Most likely in an attempt to not go overboard on special effect budget, or they could believe that the old ways of “less is more”, was the way to go. You hardly actually see anything happen. Cut aways to character reactions are the norm, and I don’t disapprove. Sometimes, it’s what you don’t see that’ll stick with you. Let your imagination work in the director’s favor.

The reward for the winner of this game is.. money, and lots of it. All your troubles taken care of. That’s quite an incentive to do make such choices..

So, would you rather..

  1. Round One
    • Electrocute yourself?
    • Electrocute someone else in the room?
  2. Round Two
    • Stab someone in the thigh?
    • Beat them with a whipping cane?
  3. Round Three (semi-finales)
    • Known: Be held under water for 2 minutes?
    • Unknown: Open the sealed envelopes.. (I wont list them.. watch the movie)
  4. Final Round
    • Two survivors simply walk out and go home.. with nothing.
    • Shoot the other finalist and win everything.

How would you handle it? Tough choices. The first two rounds are mostly survivable, with death a statistical probability. But when death is a real choice, a lot of people would forego morality in favor of survival. There’s no shame in that.


Author: Jethal