Night of the Living Dead


A remake of George Romero’s 1968 black-and-white classic that begins in a cemetery, as the recently-dead return to life – from an unknown cause – and attack the living as their prey. One woman escapes the frightening zombies to take refuge with others in a farmhouse, as every cadaver for miles around hungers for their flesh. Will they make it through the night…that the dead came back to life? (Source: IMDB)

Following the same story line as the original, there are a few differences. Mainly, the character of Barbara. In this remake, she snaps out of her shock and goes from sniveling coward, to kick ass action hero of the film. Honestly, I think they over played it, trying too hard to make her into a “strong” female role.

The other difference is the fate of “Ben”, the male lead. In the original, he is un-bitten and gets shot in the head by accident at the end of the film. In this version of events, he is indeed turned into a zombie, and Barbara watches, distraught, as he is put down.

Everything else is more, or less, the same. Though, if I had to pick between the two films.. the original would win out.

Author: Jethal