Night of the Living Dead


When Barbara and Tommy visit their grandmother’s grave, they never expected the unimaginable horrors to come in The Night of the Living Dead

This is the grand daddy of all the modern zombie films. Shot with a shoestring budget, using the friends and relatives of George A Romero as extras.. NotLD broke new ground in the realm of cinematic horror. Before this film, Zombies where the classical Voodoo mindless slaves. Here, well.. they’re not actually called Zombies are they? No.. they are the Living Dead.

Slow movie, hungry for human flesh, these creatures struck a chord in the human psyche by knocking us off the top of the food chain. It is a primal terror.. to be food for an uncontrollable monster who just keeps coming. Don’t look for any talking from the Living Dead, that behavior didn’t start until much later with the “Braaaains” wailing from the faster-moving zombies in Return of the Living Dead.

This is a great movie to begin the little ones on. However there is a single nude scene where they show a naked female zombie.. but, it only lasts a moment.

Also, this is the first Horror Movie in Cinematic History to have a black protagonist.

Author: Jethal