The Class of Nukem High


The pupils at a high school next to a nuclear power plant start acting and looking strange after buying contaminated drugs from a plant worker. (Source: IMDB)

All Warren and Chrissy want, is to graduated and get to college. But, their friends have other things on their minds.. Sex and Drugs. Pressured into attending a party, the couple partake in a little herbal refreshment.. that just happens to have been grown in the back lot of a contaminated nuclear plant! The “Atomic High” gives them more than they bargained for.. hallucinations, illness.. and a little radioactive tadpole baby that slithers down the toilet.

The school gang are a bunch of sick, perverted Cretins. Violent, belligerent, and pushing drugs on anything that moves. Hard to believe that only six months earlier, they were the Honor Society..

Mr Finley works hard to make sure the Nuclear Power Plant is clean and safe and.. no, I can’t complete this with a straight face. Corrupt and cutting corners, he cares more for the appearance of safety, than safety itself, covering up any reports of contamination and leaks to the local authorities.

What will happen when all of these combustible elements come to a head? TROMA!!

There is no doubt in anyone’s minds that Lloyd Kaufman is a certified B-Movie Genius! No one lays on the comically campy bad acting like a good old Tromafilms movie. Pair Nuke’m High up with the Toxic Avenger, and you’re in for a good night of popcorn and nuclear hi-jinks.

If some of the cast look familiar, that’s because Kaufman does have a cast of regulars he uses in his movies..

  • Pete is played by Gary Schneider, who appeared in the Toxic Avenger as gang leader “Bozo”
  • Spike (Gang leader) is played by Robert Prichard, who was “Slug” in the Toxic Avenger
  • Ms Stein (Teacher) is played by Jennifer Babtist, who was “Wanda” in Toxic Avenger
  • Evil Nuclear Power Plant Owner, Mr Finley is Pat Ryan, who was the Mayor in the Toxic Avenger

It’s a real shame that the rat monster in the basement didn’t get more screen time, it’s a seriously evil looking creature. Really well done. But, if there’s nothing else that you can count on in a Troma production.. it’s make up effects that are actually pretty damned good for the time.

Warning – Definately not for the kids, lots of violence and some nudity.

Author: Jethal