Quatermass and the Pit


Released in the U.S. as “Five Million Years to Earth”

While digging a new subway line in London, a construction crew discovers first: a skeleton, then what they think is an old World War II German missile. Upon closer examination the “missile” appears to be not of this earth! This movie examines the age old question of how we came to be on this planet.

You can picture Bernard Quatermass as the Sherlock Holmes of Science Fiction. A Highly Intelligent and resourceful scientist, who gets called on by the government to help solve mysteries.

I remember seeing this movie in the early 80’s as a kid, feeding my Anglophilia along with Dr Who (Baker).

This may not be for everyone. Very British. Top shelf in the world of Hammer Films. I recommend it for anyone who enjoys the newer Sherlock BBC Series. Perhaps not Dr Who, as the newer seasons seem rather campy.

You can actually watch this movie on YouTube for free, in HD. (Click Here)

Author: Jethal