Sharknado 3


When Fin and April go to Florida for the summer vacation, strong winds and lots of rain comes to Florida and a Sharknado comes and destroyed Florida. The Sharknado goes to Washington D.C. and sharks falling from the sky. It’s up to Fin and April to stop the Sharknado the third time. (Source: IMDB)

I was prepared to sit down and rip this movie a new hole, when it occurred to me. In the same respect that I looked at The Blair Witch Project for what it was intended to be.. I have to give Sharknado/1/2/3 the same view. Because Sharknado isn’t supposed to be a good movie. SyFy went out of their way to make the most ridiculous, absurd, movie ever made. And in some small way, I have to salute that effort.

The Sharknado franchise has become a pop-culture phenomenon. Every Hollywood and/or TV Star wants to be a part of it, just for the goofiness and the fun to be part of the worst movie ever. And there’s little doubt in my mind, that this movie has surpassed some of the all time worst. And to top it all off.. at the end of the movie, they announced that there will be a Sharknado 4.. which I’m betting will be given the byline “Sharknado 4: Are you Fucking Kidding me?”

Star studded, action packed from beginning to end, cameo’s up the yingyang.. I’m surprised Seattle’s own Danny Bonaduce hasn’t been in there somewhere.

There really is nothing else to say about Sharknado 3. Chainsaw-Lightsaber. In Space. Yeah…

Author: Jethal