The Last Showing


Stewart has worked at the Cinema for a long, long time.. Now, it’s time to step out from behind the curtain and make a little movie of his own. The only problem is that his cast isn’t aware of the script, and the lack of a make up department means that all the blood will be real, as he readies The Last Showing.

It’s rare that you see Robert Englund in a movie without a razor-glove attached to his hand, and in this case it’s for the better. In this production, he brings a sense of style and maturity to, what could have ended up being, just another teen slasher.

Though it could be said that Robert carried the show.. I believe the entire cast did a fine job. Proving once more that there are gems to be found in smaller, straight to video/netflix, movies. If you haven’t seen “The Last Showing”, I would recommend it.

Author: Jethal