13 Ghosts


William Castle, the master of old timey B Movie Horror, and the Theater Gimick – presents a story about a family down on their luck, who inherit a large house. With no other place to go, they move in, only to find that, dear old uncle Zorba has been traveling the world, capturing ghosts! Of course, in order to keep the mansion, they have to stay.. they can not sell it. What mysteries will they find within the walls?

This movie was presented in, what was called “Illusion-o”. Which was a play on color. Scenes with ghosts appearing were overlayed in blue with red ghosts. If you wanted to see the ghosts, you would look through the blue-tinted part of your glasses.. if you didn’t want to see ghosts, you’d look through the red tint. Looking at a red image through a red lens would make the image invisible.

Corny gimmick aside, the movie is entertaining, and not scary at all.. I don’t think it was scary in 1960 either. So I say bring the kids along and have some fun!

Author: Jethal