Asylum, from Amicus Films is what they referred to as an “Anthology”. Meaning, there were short stories within a larger film, tied together by a common theme. In this case, there are 4 shorts. The overall theme is that of a young psych student trying to earn is place on the staff of an Asylum. A doctor has lost his mind and now has taken on a new personality.. and it is the job of our young student to figure out who the real head of the institute is…

  1. Frozen Fear
    • A man kills his wife so he may run off with his mistress. Dismembering her, and placing her remains in the freezer – he soon finds horror awaiting, instead of a lust filled holiday.
  2. The Weird Tailor
    • A poor tailor and his wife are on the verge of being out on the street unless he can complete a suit made from an unusual material in time..
  3. Lucy comes to Stay
    • A girl struggles with her inner demons, after all, Girls just want to have fun, right?
  4. Mannikins of Horror (yes, I know it’s misspelled)
    • An elderly doctor bides his time with in the walls of the Asylum, crafting little wind-up toys made to look like his former colleagues.

I have a special place in my heart for this movie. During the 5th 6th grade, we held a Halloween party, and this movie was shown.. I remember that we had to stop the film so the teachers could warn the other kids that a scary part was coming up. I also remember that there were complaints and one of the teachers got in trouble for showing a PG movie to a bunch of 7-13 year olds. Of course, this was the late 70’s when things like this movie where still frightening to little kids. Honestly, now you see worse in after-school cartoons.

I highly recommend this one to all ages. Pop some corn and have some fun!

and no.. I wont tell you who the real doctor is..

Author: Jethal