Some how, I feel that this movie should have been titled “Intolerable”. That, at least, would have been an honest description of the overall feel of this horrible movie.

The acting is bad. The story has been done many times. The writing is the worst I’ve seen in years.. the situations portrayed on the screen where.. I can’t even call them “laughable” because this movie was so bad, it made me angry that I paid $7.50 for it.

If you’re going to make a “found footage” type of movie, you can’t just mindlessly film everything. Why is that camera on? There’s no god damned good reason for that camera to be on, while you’re having a conversation with your friend.. if only to catch that one moment the scene was written for.. it’s fucking asinine.

Do NOT buy this movie, hell, I don’t recommend viewing it for free..

My lowest rating ever.. 1/10th of a star.. because the star rating thing for this site doesn’t go any lower. I created a 0-star rating on this site, specifically for this movie

I’ve never, in all my years of horror movie watching, ever done this before.. I’ve deleted the file from my media center, broke the dvd, and thrown it away.. this is how bad this movie is.

Infernal.. where it belongs, in the trash
Infernal.. where it belongs, in the trash
Author: Jethal