During the trials of childhood, the loss of their parents, and the tribulations of coming of age, there has been one person watching over Leon (David Hewlett) and his sister, Ursula (Cynthia Preston). But, their friend is about to turn into a nightmare..

Pin is very helpful, kind, friendly and always willing to lend an ear when you need advice.. of course, he can not speak to you unless Leon’s father is around.. you see, that’s because Pin is an anatomically correct, medical, teaching mannequin.. and Leon’s father uses ventriloquism to make him talk. But, don’t try to tell that to Leon.

This movie is a journey into the downward spiral of Leon’s sanity, as his relationship with his friend, Pin (short for Pinocchio), turns into a violent obsession.

I’ve always liked this movie, Though, not necessarily scary.. this psychological thriller can be a bit creepy, and perhaps too much for young kids.. not to mention a couple of sexually inappropriate scenes.


Author: Jethal