Repo The Genetic Opera


It’s the year 2056. A pandemic of organ failure devastates the population. In the midst of this chaos, the genetic engineers at Genco begin the manufacturing of synthetic organs. Financed like an used car, transplants become a fashion statement.. but, when you can’t pay your bill, the Repo Man comes calling..

This film is stunningly beautiful, in a Gothic sense. And a true opera – nearly every line is sung. And, sung well. If you enjoy music, and gothic horror, there is little not to love here.

The Main Players:

  • Rotti Largo (Paul Sorvino): The founder and CEO of “GeneCo”, the manufacturer of organs. Ruthless and shrewd, he rules the city with an iron fist. And at this beck and call.. The Repo Man.
  • Luigi Largo (Bill Moseley): Eldest son of Rotti. Psychotic and cruel, he’d just assume cut your heart out than look at you. All he wants is control of Genco.
  • Pavi Largo (Nivek Ogre): Younger son to Rotti. Narcissistic, sex craving, lunatic, who has an obsession with trying on new faces.
  • Amber (Largo) Sweet (Paris Hilton): Daughter of Rotti. Self absorbed, drug fueled, spoiled brat who thinks she’s the next big star.. as soon as Blind Meg is out of the picture.
  • Nathan Wallace (Anthony Head): In the employ of Rotti, Nathan is a loving father by day.. and holds a terrible secret by night.
  • Shilo Wallace (Alexa PenaVega): Daughter of Nathan. A typical teenaged girl, who wants nothing more than to strike out and live her life, though cursed to view the world from her sick bed.
  • Blind Mag (Sarah Brightman): In the employ of Rotti. A kind and talented opera singer, blind from birth, she now sees the world through Genco’s cybernetic eyes – but, can they see the trouble ahead at her last performance?
  • The Grave Robber (Terrance Zdunich): Our host during this tale of love, betrayal, and tragedy. He robs graves of the recently deceased, extracting a precious pain killer, called Zydrate.

My wife and I love this movie, and have actually met a few of the people involved (Terrance Zdunich & Darren Lynn Bousman).. Here’s a photo of us together 🙂

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Author: Jethal