The Thing From Another World


The predecessor of The Thing (1982), and The Thing (2011), and the first film adaptation of the novel, “Who goes there?” by John W Campbell. When an arctic expedition comes across a strange craft, buried in the ice, they do the only thing that any self-respecting scientist would do! They blow it to kingdom come! Oops. Not far from the (now destroyed) alien craft, they find a creature and bring it back to camp, where it thaws out and begins to wreak havoc. With no where to go, the arctic team defends them selves the best they can.

I’ve not read the original book, so I’m not sure how accurately the story is portrayed, but I had fun watching this classic movie, and comparing it to the remakes. I feel this version more closely resembles the 2011 version.

The acting is good (pretty standard for 1950’s RKO pictures) – no real special effects to rate, although this movie does go down as the first time a stunt man performed a full-body burn, in an asbestos suit.

I don’t think there’s anything too scary for the kids, hell, they probably see worse in their cartoons.

Author: Jethal