The Monolith Monsters


When a meteor crashes into a southwestern desert, fragments litter the landscape, enticing the curiosity of a local geologist and an innocent school girl. Little do they know that when exposed to water, these silica rocks will grow.. and grow.. and GROW.. in to towering monoliths of raw terror!

Oh 50’s Sci-Fi.. How I miss your blatant disregard for reason..

Another in a lineup of movies I enjoyed when I was young, watching the old “Creature Double Feature” on Boston’s WLVI 56. As silly as the premise of this movie sounds.. you have to admire the spirit of movie making of the 50’s. Even though the story was completely unbelievable, these actors gave damned good performances, and honestly, the effects were pretty good (for the time).

You can get this classic from Netflix, or even watch for free on Youtube.

Author: Jethal