We are still here


After their teenage son is killed in a car crash, Paul (Andrew Sensenig) and Anne (Barbara Crampton) move to the quiet New England countryside to try to start a new life for themselves. But the grieving couple unknowingly becomes the prey of a family of vengeful spirits that reside in their new home, and before long they discover that the seemingly peaceful town they’ve moved into is hiding a terrifyingly dark secret. Now they must find a way to overcome their sorrow and fight back against both the living and dead as the malicious ghosts threaten to pull their souls – and the soul of their lost son – into hell with them. (source: IMDB)

New England is ripe with folklore and ghosts.. from the writings of Poe, King and Lovecraft.. to the real life horrors of Salem. We Are Still Here taps into that old, North East horror with a story that leaves some to the imagination of the viewer, and doesn’t over explain. And that’s they way I like it.

The story itself kept me interested. From the start, you know there is something off in this little town. What you don’t know until later is just how wide spread.

With all that was good with this, I did take issue with a couple of choices.. (Spoilers)

The Dagmar’s primary offensive is burning.. their touch burns their victims to ash. Then, why have them punching through the chest? It seems more for shock value, and honestly it’s a poor choice.. it just doesn’t seem to fit. Also, during the climax, we see people being dragged off, followed by an explosion of blood.. it seemed rather cartoonish and, again, didn’t fit.

Really, outside of those two things, I liked it.

My wife and I agreed that the make up effects of the charred Dagmar family was very well done and the acting was very good.


Author: Jethal