Aoyama stages a fake movie audition to find a suitable wife, where he finds the lovely Asami. Quiet, poised, seemingly obedient. What else would a Japanese man want? His fascination with the girl almost becomes an obsession before he finally begins to court her, and reveals that the movie, which she auditioned for, will not be made. Now, it’s important to note here that he did not confess that the entire audition was a ploy to find a wife.

Unfortunately for Aoyama, he finds out a little too late, that Asami is not all she seems.. and will do anything to insure that he loves her.. only her.. forsaking all other.

I’m honestly a little torn on this one. Probably because the ending confused me.. The way that the last 20 mins, or so, is cut.. I’m not sure if these scenes are actually happening, or if he is dreaming. It really could be either.

Either way, if it was a dream.. I’d be running fast, and far away, from Asami.

Author: Jethal