This is the U.S. remake of REC. And, while most of this movie was a shot-for-shot english remake, it did differ in several key scenes.

In the original movie, the infection is unknown – though in the REC sequels, it’s discovered to be a contagious demonic possession – In Quarantine, we find our characters dealing with an engineered quick-spreading form of Rabies. Also due to the rabies angle, there are a few attacks by domestic dogs.

Our protagonist, Angela Vidal (played by Jennifer Carpenter) spends most of the last 15 minutes of the film in hysterics and screaming.. this was a annoying..

I probably would have enjoyed Quarantine better, if I hadn’t seen REC recently. So, if you want to see this story, but can’t stand subtitles, see Quarantine.

Author: Jethal