Star Wars: Return of the Jedi


The Return of the Jedi has a lot going for it.. and a lot against, when compared to A New Hope, and The Empire Strikes Back.

The Good, is that this is a good movie over-all, and the redemption of Darth Vader makes for a compelling story point. The bad, however.. those fucking Ewoks. There is hardly anything that we can see as being “believable” that happens on the forest moon of Endor. The top of the food chain, on that planet, is a much of teddy bears? Really?

If you can sit through and forget the fact that the day is saved by a bunch of little bear people (not even grizzlies/men.. these are like 3 foot tall teddy bears) who had no time to possibly get those elaborate traps set.. then this is an enjoyable movie.

Author: Jethal