Two teenage boys unwittingly summon an ancient evil entity known as The Blind One by delving into black magic while trying to escape their mundane lives.

Over the top and gorey, this New Zealand horror/comedy has everything the concerning Death Metal Horror Maniac could want, with decent special effects, acting and enough blood to choke an undead demon bent on world wide destruction. This.. was.. brutal..

It’s a story that’s been done before (Knights of Badassdom), and had a very “Evil Dead” feel to it. Take one part Death Metal, one part Satanic Horror, and a pinch of Teenaged angst, and you have DeathGasm. The story of a boy and his desires.. desires to raise the King of the Demons and bring pain and misery to everyone who’s wronged him, and get the girl. So, it’s a love story. The love of METAL.

In all seriousness, Deathgasm is not for the kids. There is a ton of swearing and occasional nudity.. not to mention a tremendous amount of blood and murder. All and all, this was a fun horror comedy, and I recommend it for my friends.

Author: Jethal