This is the End


Hollywood celebs in Los Angeles, facing the Apocalypse, running from demons.. getting robbed by Emma Watson. This is the End is filled with low-ball humor and celebs giving performance meant to parody themselves. I couldn’t help but be entertained. If you ever wanted to see a large group of celebrities die, horribly, this is the movie for you.

Honestly, the best scene for me was Michael Cera slapping Rhianna’s ass, only to see Rhianna slap his face off.. now, what made that funny is, the only way Rhianna would permit the booty slap, was that she got to REALLY slap Michael Cera.. HARD.. of course, given the opportunity, Cera agreed.. as would we all.

BTW: This movie was based on a short film by Seth Rogan and Jay Baruchel called Jay and Seth vs the Apocalypse

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Author: Jethal